17352191-abstract-word-cloud-for-hacktivism-with-related-tags-and-terms                                 Hacktivism                  mailart_1992




Hacktivism is accessing and downloading documents from private servers or behind paywalls with the intent of making them publicly available. It is the use of computer and networks as a tool to protest and promote political ends.


9 Ways Hacktivists shocked the world in 2012.

1. Anonymous Hacks FBI Cybercrime Conference Call

2. Stratfor Hack Upends Private Sector Intelligence Provider

3. Hacker King Turns Informant: Feds Reveal Sabu Bust

4. Hacktivists Drive Global Law Enforcement Agencies To Unite

5. Despite Arrests, Hacktivist Operations Continue

6. Symantec Sees pcAnywhere Extortion Shakedown

7. Hackers Target U.S. Banks Over Anti-Muslim Film

8. Anonymous Continues Pressing Political Agenda

9. Anonymous’ Achilles Heel: Anonymity




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