Interview about Social Media



Me- Hi Zach, thanks for talking to me about this topic.  I know you and I have been talking a lot about social media lately and also about Anonymous which you said you weren’t that familiar with. I appreciate you talking to me about this anyway.

Zach- Sure, no problem, Im glad I can help.  Right, social media is all around and continues to grow.  I remember when I was younger chat rooms were really in and I would talk to people about things that were going on.  It was a way for me to share information and for others to share information so I could increase my knowledge and learn. Than there was MySpace, Facebook and Twitter; social networking just continues to come up with more and more ways that we as a community and as a planet can interact with each other.

Me-  So do you think social media should be something that the government should be able to put laws and limitations on? sopa-pipa-cc-ben-werdmuller

Zach-  I think that there should be some kind of guidelines but to the extent that things have been taken lately, that I do not agree with. Social media means, interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. I can understand where some things should have “copyright laws” but this SOPA bill is pushing it in my opinion.


images (1)                                                                         images (2)


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