Andy Carvin Reflection


andy carvin

Andy Carvin


I thought Andy Carvin was fantastic when we got to talk to him on skype.  He was so open to answering out questions and was totally down to earth.

The smile on his face when he was talking about the button on his photo that was behind him was awesome. You could tell that he was proud of it and that he was happy we remembered it from the book.

His personality was the same in person as it seemed to be when I was reading the book.  I have been reading more parts of the book than just the chapter I was assigned to read.  I really enjoy it, even though it gets pretty intense sometimes; maybe that’s why I like it so much.  It keeps my attention and wanting to read more and more.

I’m really glad EMU gives us these opportunities to talk with awesome people like Andy Carvin, and I am so glad that Paulette sets things like this up for us to experience.


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