Pro Blogger Exercise



Day 13 page 38 Take a trip to the mall- Pro blogger


So I’m sitting in the mall taking notes like pro blogger says, wondering if this has any point to it to be honest. I don’t see how this has anything to do with my blog but what the heck I’ll give it a shot.

So I see lots of people walking in and out of the stores. Bath and Body Works is busy, as usual, I see females, mother and daughter, or I assume they are mother and daughter.  There are some teenage looking girls there too.  I see some Bridgewater students, I can tell from the names on the hoodies.

I see a lot of people texting and talking on their cell phones.  What is the point of going out with friends and hanging out if you are just going to be on your cell phone the whole time… lame…  I see some people walking this way now carrying a few bags, one of them is from Hot Topic and another one is from Debs, interesting combination.

Movies seem to be in high demand right now also games, the Gamestop has a line of people at the register. I think people like to be spontaneous and buy whatever they seem to like at the moment.

I’ve been walking past some stores and the retailers seem to be asking everyone who walks into their store if they can help them find anything.  (some people just like to look )

Everyone’s store signs are bright colors. That seems to get s peoples attention. There are lots of sales right now, Bath and Body Works has a buy 3 get 3 free thing going on.  American Eagle has a 20 percent off thing going, Areo has some sales too.

I wouldn’t have thought the mall would have been this busy but I guess business is soing pretty good right now.


One thought on “Pro Blogger Exercise

  1. Hi Rachal, I am glad you took the initiative and went to the mall – how could you have related this back a bit more to your blog topic. Also giving us a bit of context is REALLY important. You are not merely writing for this class – so people outside of the class will not know pro-blogger. This could be quite confusing. Attention!!

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