Steubenville, Ohio rape/Anonymous.


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The Steubenville, Ohio rape is something you may or may not have heard about lately in the news; either way it would seem as if this case was not being taken seriously to some.

A short summary of this case is that two high school football players found a intoxicated 16 year old girl at a party and used her as a rape toy all night. They carried her blacked out to three different parties raping her publically and urinating on her. Many students video taped and photographed this being done but according to official they haven’t seen these to be used as evidence as they have been “deleted.”

Anonymous like many others feel that this is not being dealt with or taken seriously so they have started a local leak page to release information on people they believe were involved in covering up this assault. They have organized Operation Roll Red Roll to hack private information of people involved. They have also started a protest that the coach of the football team be fired.

There is so much information on this and much more that can be said about what anonymous is doing to help out with this issue so I will add some links below for you to check out for yourself.

I like what Anonymous stands for and when I read and started doing research on this it just added to my respect for this hacktavist group.  I am glad they have decided to get involved and do something about this.




One thought on “Steubenville, Ohio rape/Anonymous.

  1. It’s really good that you’re keeping up with a case that is so relevant to this day and age. This issue is so important to me, so this post obviously stood out. I would love to see some hyperlinking instead of the long links, but it’s great that you posted them for more information because I definitely want to know more!

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