Influence Interview- Glacier


Influence Interview


Glacier  works at Shenandoah towers and climbs towers and makes sure all the cell towers are      working correctly. He works with digital programming and cellular communications.


Hey Glacier, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about what you do and digital media. How do you feel about Facebook and Twitter?


–          Well, I do not use  twitter, I haven’t really taken the time to figure out how to use it. Facebook I mainly use to keep up with old friends, and when we still had the band together we used it to create event pages for our gigs.  It was very useful for reaching out to others and letting them know when and where we would be.


A question about your job, how do you feel when you are on the towers working on the service?


–          Its very peaceful. There is a lot to think about when I am up there, safety, what I have to finish while I am up there, but its hard sometimes not to get distracted by all the beauty.  I feel like when I am working I am providing a service to the community. Almost everyone these days has a cell phone so I know the work im doing is helping keep people connected.











How do you feel about media’s influence on the community?


–          I feel like there is a lot of good that media does but there is also a lot of bad, such as women used as sexual toys, men are viewed as the powerful and never allowed to appear weak. Things like that. I think like anything else there is a balance to everything, there is always good and always bad, the balance where you find the center, where you know what the best balance of both worlds is.


I like that, that was a great description, thank you.


One thought on “Influence Interview- Glacier

  1. I really enjoy the visuals in this post. They’re great to look at, and really give a feel for the man you interviewed. I would have loved to know more about how the internet maybe influences his job. He seems very down to earth and aware of what is going on in the world, which is great!

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