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Fellow Bloggers






Hello bloggers, over this coming next week are finals and for our exam we will be having our

classmates take over our blogs and make a few post and comments. My classmate Rachel will be taking over mine for this week so

everyone welcome her to the blog. I am excited to see what she will do for this blog and what insight she has to offer. I call you

bloggers out there to action to check out her posts along with my previous posts if you haven’t done so already. I enough your

feedback and like to see what people think.


I hope this blog so far has given you more information about Anonymous and hacktivism; I know I have learned a lot more about

these subjects in this short semester. I look forward to what more I can learn, and what else I can share with all my fellow bloggers out



Anonymous hackers demanded that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to step down and accept democracy. Since there was no response Anonymous launched a multitude of attacks in their online properties. The hackers defaced social media accounts and other websites belonging to the leaders.  For the second time in less than a week hackers have taken down another dozen Korean websites. Anonymous hackers seized control over the Korean Twitter and Flickr. 6789250f46d9b47ff800ea0fec01

Anonymous has claimed more than 15000 passwords and is working with operatives in North Korean aiding the attacks.  There is said to be more attacks and defacing to come in the upcoming weeks. 63465gvhhgh.jpg.1000x297x1

Influence Interview- Glacier


Influence Interview


Glacier  works at Shenandoah towers and climbs towers and makes sure all the cell towers are      working correctly. He works with digital programming and cellular communications.


Hey Glacier, Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about what you do and digital media. How do you feel about Facebook and Twitter?


–          Well, I do not use  twitter, I haven’t really taken the time to figure out how to use it. Facebook I mainly use to keep up with old friends, and when we still had the band together we used it to create event pages for our gigs.  It was very useful for reaching out to others and letting them know when and where we would be.


A question about your job, how do you feel when you are on the towers working on the service?


–          Its very peaceful. There is a lot to think about when I am up there, safety, what I have to finish while I am up there, but its hard sometimes not to get distracted by all the beauty.  I feel like when I am working I am providing a service to the community. Almost everyone these days has a cell phone so I know the work im doing is helping keep people connected.











How do you feel about media’s influence on the community?


–          I feel like there is a lot of good that media does but there is also a lot of bad, such as women used as sexual toys, men are viewed as the powerful and never allowed to appear weak. Things like that. I think like anything else there is a balance to everything, there is always good and always bad, the balance where you find the center, where you know what the best balance of both worlds is.


I like that, that was a great description, thank you.

Some things Anonymous has got involved with in the past two years.




Some things Anonymous has got involved with in the past two years.


Steubenville rape case

Aaron Swarts Suicide

Obama Gun control Policy

Federal Reserve

2012 CSLEA hack

Occupy Nigeria

Operation Megaupload

Anti-ACTA activism in Europe

Operation Russia

Boston Police Department attacks

Syrian government E-mail hack

AntiSec leak and CIA Attack

Interpol Attack

AIPAC Attack

Vatican Website DDOS Attacks

Criticism of Kony 2012

Bureau of Justice leak

Taking down Monsantos Hungarian Website

Symantec source code leak

April 2012 Chinese attack

Operation Bahrain and Formula one attacks

Occupy Philippines

Operation India

Operation Quebec

Operation Japan

Operation Anaheim

AAPT attack

Operation Myanmar




These are just a few things that they have gotten involved with. I always kind of knew about Anonymous as the hackers but I never knew they were involved in all this stuff.  In the next few weeks I hope to make some posts about what went on during these things.





Steubenville, Ohio rape/Anonymous.


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The Steubenville, Ohio rape is something you may or may not have heard about lately in the news; either way it would seem as if this case was not being taken seriously to some.

A short summary of this case is that two high school football players found a intoxicated 16 year old girl at a party and used her as a rape toy all night. They carried her blacked out to three different parties raping her publically and urinating on her. Many students video taped and photographed this being done but according to official they haven’t seen these to be used as evidence as they have been “deleted.”

Anonymous like many others feel that this is not being dealt with or taken seriously so they have started a local leak page to release information on people they believe were involved in covering up this assault. They have organized Operation Roll Red Roll to hack private information of people involved. They have also started a protest that the coach of the football team be fired.

There is so much information on this and much more that can be said about what anonymous is doing to help out with this issue so I will add some links below for you to check out for yourself.

I like what Anonymous stands for and when I read and started doing research on this it just added to my respect for this hacktavist group.  I am glad they have decided to get involved and do something about this.






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