Elevator Pitch

My name is Rachal and I am a junior at Eastern Mennonite University.  For one

of my classes I am supposed to have a blog with one of the approved topics.

In my blog this semester I would like to focus on the Anonymous/Hacktivism

group.  I have been doing a lot of reading on this and I have become interested

in what they do.  There is so much information on this that I don’t think I will

have a problem writing blog posts every week this semester.  I have found a lot

of great videos that I can’t wait to hyperlink to my blog; they are filled with a lot

of great information which will allow my viewers to make their own opinions on

what they think about all this.

Ten ideas about posts.

  1. What is Anonymous?
  1. Who is Anonymous?
  1. Hacktavism?
  1. Commander x.
  1. Online Identity?
  1. Membership?
  1. Top rated hacks.
  1. Why Guy Fawke Masks instead of something else?
  1. Government input.
  1. Quotes from Anonymous.
  1.  I would also like to do a post about Aaron Swartz and the things he did.
  1.  Internet black out.

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